Thank you for your interest in the CCCU Consortium, an effort where aligned institutions share online courses and tuition revenue: academic sharing.  This webinar introduces the CCCU Consortium, a member-driven effort that enables CCCU institutions to:

1) Generate supplemental tuition revenue by filling open slots in their online courses.

2) Support their students’ academic progress and improve retention and graduation rates.

3) Recover summer and January Term tuition revenue that is currently going elsewhere.

4) Implement new programs without having to offer every course up front.

5) Cancel under-enrolled courses while still supporting students.

6) Enable their students to take courses taught by Christian professors who are committed to faith integration, even if they take courses outside of their home institution.

To participate, you will need to execute the CCCU Consortial agreement, which is being managed by John Brown University (JBU), the lead institution, and a Member Services Agreement with the College Consortium (CC), the organization whose cross-enrollment platform will support the academic sharing activities.  For more information, please contact Dr. Robert Norwood from JBU or Nathan Green from the CC at

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