This webinar covered Title IV and VA Financial Aid responsibilities for Teaching and Home Schools under consortium agreements, five common areas that need to be examined for schools participating in a consortium, implications of consortium agreements for the definition of the Academic Year and Payment Periods, and Consumer Disclosure Requirements for consortium agreements. 


Robert (Bob) W. Evans has served since 1995 as the President and CEO of The Evans Consulting Group, a financial aid consulting firm, whose past clients include the California Institute of Technology, Johns Hopkins University, and numerous independent colleges. Prior to this position, Bob served as Senior Managing Director of Student Services and Higher Education at KPMG Auditing and Consulting, the Director of Policy Development for the US Department of Education, the President of the National Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators (NASFAA), Associate Vice President for Financial Aid at The Pennsylvania State University, Director of Student Financial Aid Assistance at Kansas State University, and Director of Financial Aid at Oglethorpe.

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