In response to requests for information about new resources to improve retention and rates of progress (and in this case, with revenue and recruitment components), NCICU invited the College Consortium to host a webinar about academic sharing: sharing online courses and tuition revenue.   The College Consortium is an ed-tech company with a higher-ed ethos and a system that automates academic sharing. This webinar introduced two options for NCICU members to participate:  1) if you offer online programs, you can list your classes with open seats on the College Consortium site to enroll additional students and generate new revenue, and 2) if you want to add opportunities for students to take classes during the summer or academic year to improve rates of progress or to have more course options, you can access online courses and can revenue-share with other colleges by allowing courses of your choice to be made available from other campuses. In addition to members of the College Consortium team, the webinar included Dr. Norval Kneten, former President of Barton College.


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