Welcome to the landing page for the announcement of Project Completion, the ICUT-specific version of the Department of Education's Project Success. This program provides resources to specific Minority Serving Institutions to help with retention, completion and loan repayment. Through the combined efforts of ICUT, Trellis (formerly TG) and the College Consortium, covered schools will have the opportunity to recover students who have dropped or stopped out to generate revenue and improve graduation rates. We know the most expensive degree is the one a student does not earn, and we are pleased to work with your institution to help convert debt into a degree, to accomplish our state's 60x30TX goal.


This is an audio recording of the May 7th Project Completion webinar, please follow along in the below presentation, which is available for download.

Project Completion - Webinar Recording
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For more information please contact:



Steve Smith

Director of Student Success Initiatives 

(o) 512-219-2818


College Consortium:

Nathan Green


(c) 917.309.1877

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